Automating data processing with the Scheduler

October 21st, 2009 by Ricardo PĂ­riz

With the latest version of magicGNSS (1.4), and if you have a *pro* account, you will be able to automate your station data processing in ODTS or PPP, using the new Scheduler. This is how the Scheduler settings look like:


Just select the algorithm you want to automate (ODTS or PPP). Previously you should have run an ODTS or PPP scenario to be used as template by the Scheduler. Every time it runs, the Scheduler reads the scenario Duration, the list of Stations, and the Settings, from the template scenario. Make sure your template scenario is properly configured!

You can select how often the Scheduler runs your algorithm (Scheduling Frequency): from 1 hour to 24 hours, in 1-hour steps. You can also define how many minutes after the integer hour the Scheduler waits for the execution (Scheduling Delay); this is useful to accommodate for your station data latency. If for example you are uploading hourly RINEX files and you know they are ready only 15 minutes after the hour, select a Scheduling Delay of 18 or 20 minutes.

The rest of the Scheduler settings are pretty straightforward. If you activate Notify Me by Email you will receive an email every time the Scheduler runs, with a link to the ODTS or PPP results (ZIP file) by ftp. If you activate Delete Old Scenarios, only the latest scenario run by the Scheduler will remain in your account, older ones will be automatically deleted. By the way scenarios created and run by the Scheduler are called like in this example: ‘SCH Oct 21 at 15:00’.

When the Scheduler is On, you will see a little clock inside your account:


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