Become a *pro* user!

November 27th, 2008 by Ricardo Píriz

As from today you can become a *pro* magicGNSS user! As a *pro* user you will be able to use magicGNSS for professional applications, having access to advanced features like:

•    GLONASS data processing in ODTS and PPP

•    Automated processing with the Scheduler

•    Extended disk quota for user station data and processing scenarios

•    Extended availability of GPS orbit and clock products from IGS for PPP processing

•    Extended availability of core station data from IGS for ODTS processing

•    Possibility to process user stations in ODTS (mixed with core stations or user stations alone)

•    Increased number of stations and maximum data span in PPP and ODTS processing

•    Ftp upload

•    Share your station data

•    Permanence of user station data in the user account (no deletion of RINEX files)

•    Technical support by e-mail on a next-day basis

To become a *pro* user we need to agree on some license terms, just drop us a line at the contact e-mail address visible from within your magicGNSS account.

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