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At the PTTI

November 20th, 2009 by Ricardo Píriz

The PTTI conference finished today. Here is our presentation. This is a photo of our booth at the Exhibition:


Synchronizing the world’s master clocks with ODTS

November 6th, 2009 by Ricardo Píriz

The Precise Time and Time Interval (PTTI) conference will take place November 16-19 in New Mexico, USA.


GMV and INRiM (the Italian metrological institute) will be presenting a joint paper about how to synchronize a network of master clocks located worldwide and connected to GPS receivers, using the ODTS algorithm in magicGNSS. The PTTI ’09 program is here (see Paper 50, Thursday, Nov 19).

To support the paper and presentation, INRiM and GMV, with the collaboration of other timing labs in Europe and America, have set up an experiment to synchronize eight master clocks via GPS in near-real time. The GPS station names are: brus, ieng, ptbb, roap, sp01, sp02, spt0, and usn3.


The station data (hourly RINEX files) is uploaded every hour onto a dedicated magicGNSS account, and processed in ODTS automatically using the Scheduler. The reference station in ODTS is brus. ODTS processes data in batches of 2 days.

See the results on the Clock Synchronization Experiment for PTTI ’09 web page.

New location for our gap1 station antenna

November 2nd, 2009 by Ricardo Píriz

Today we have moved the antenna of our gap1 station to a better location. The antenna is now on top of a 2-meter high steel mast on our roof. The new coordinates have been calculated with PPP and updated on the magicGNSS database.

As usual, the station is public in magicGNSS, and the raw data can be found here (the file names are examples):