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PPP now supporting GPS and GLONASS real-time data

May 13th, 2010 by Ricardo PĂ­riz

The Precise Point Positioning (PPP) module in magicGNSS is now capable of processing GPS and GLONASS data just acquired, in RINEX format.

Real-time GPS and GLONASS orbits and clocks needed by PPP are generated internally. Orbit and clock products are generated twice per hour (at 00 and 30 minutes) with a latency of 30 minutes. The internal time scale for satellite clocks is driven by an on-ground H-maser.

When rapid and final GPS orbits and clocks from IGS become available, PPP uses them instead of our internal products. For GLONASS, our internal products are still used but satellite clocks are post-processed to be aligned to IGS Time. Therefore it is always possible to combine GPS and GLONASS in PPP.

GLONASS products are only available starting 2010/01/01.