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New place for our GAP1 files

June 10th, 2013 by Ricardo PĂ­riz

We have now a new ftp address on the GMV server for the RINEX measurement files coming from our GAP1 station. The files can now be downloaded with the following login information:

  • server:
  • user: magicgnssro
  • password: R0gnss06

We are storing hourly files at a 1-second rate and daily files at a 30-second rate. The files can be accessed on a web browser through the following URLs (examples):

ftp://magicgnssro:[email protected]/gap1161j.13d.Z (hourly file)

ftp://magicgnssro:[email protected]/gap11610.13d.Z (daily file)

Files are kept on the server for the last 45 days, older files are also available upon request.