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New core station data scheme

October 14th, 2008 by Ricardo Píriz

As from today we are moving to a new core station data management approach. We realize that in general for the user it is more useful to have recent data from many stations and with as little latency as possible. Unfortunately keeping old data from many stations on the magicGNSS server takes a lot of disk space (typically each station takes around 80 Mb of uncompressed RINEX data per day).

Until now we kept on the server core station data starting from July 1st 2008, to current time. As from now we will keep a moving window of one-month duration, i.e., the last 30 days of data will be always available on the server, and older data will be automatically deleted.

Synchronizing clocks

October 13th, 2008 by Álvaro Mozo

Among the products you get from magicGNSS Beta there are satellite and station clock estimations and predictions. By “satellite and station clocks” we mean the offset of these clock as seen by the ODTS with respect to the clock of the station selected as reference clock in the Settings tab, at every measurement epoch.

What synchronisation performances can we obtain with magicGNSS? The comparison of the satellite clock estimations with the IGS ones is typically within 0.15 ns RMS:  this means that magicGNSS is a very powerful means of synchronising remote clocks, provided they are connected to a GNSS receiver!


Video tour available

September 24th, 2008 by Álvaro Mozo

One of the objectives of magicGNSS is to make GNSS algorithms easy to use. No matter how complex these algorithms actually are, settings can be reduced to a few key parameters. Default values for the other algorithm configuration options are provided by the application; they have been optimized to provide robustness and performances in most cases.

We have prepared a video tour that shows you how easy is to create and run an ODTS scenario with magicGNSS Beta. Don’t miss it!

magicGNSS Video Tour

Note: You will need QuickTime to watch the video.

Example of ODTS Report

September 23rd, 2008 by Álvaro Mozo

The output of each ODTS run with magicGNSS Beta is a zip file containing a number of products. In addition, the zip file includes a comprehensive report in pdf format that summarizes:

  • The configuration of the scenario
  • The most relevant process information (such as measurement residuals, stations or satellites rejected, etc)
  • Key outputs such as satellite and station clock plots (including Allan Deviation) or zenith tropospheric delay plots

If you wish to see how it looks like without having to run an scenario, you can download an example from here.

Presentation at ION GNSS 2008

September 19th, 2008 by Álvaro Mozo

We have presented magicGNSS Beta at session C3 of ION GNSS 2008 Conference. We are excited about the interest the attendees are showing!

The slides of our presentation are available here and the paper can be downloaded from here.