Kinematic positioning now available

October 6th, 2010 by Ricardo PĂ­riz

It is now possible to process kinematic data in the latest magicGNSS version (3.0). Precise Point Positioning (PPP) supports now both static and kinematic modes, including GPS-only, GPS+GLONASS, and GLONASS-only data.

Flight over Louisiana (from the Kinematic GPS Challenge)

You can download this KML file generated by our kinematic PPP, and corresponding to one of the flights from the Kinematic GPS Challenge. In Google Earth, use Shift-s and scroll with the mouse to see the flight in perspective.

Combined GPS+GLONASS products used by PPP (satellite orbits and clocks) are internally generated with a 30-min latency. Note that our internal clocks have a 5-min rate. Final IGS products provide clocks at a 30-sec rate (GPS only), and they are used by our PPP when they become available (2-week latency).

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