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Virtual PPP by email

July 1st, 2009 by Ricardo PĂ­riz

No RINEX files at hand? Don’t remember where to download them from, or just too busy to do it? No worries: for IGS stations, you can now do virtual Precise Point Positioning by email (see our previous entry on PPP by email). With virtual PPP there is no need to attach RINEX files to your email, you just have to describe in the message body the station data you are interested in.

Just send an email to with the Subject Virtual and type one or two virtual RINEX filenames in the body of the message, with the following syntax:

rinex: ssssyyddd

where ssss is the station name, yy is the two-digit year, and ddd the day of year. For example:

Subject: Virtual

rinex: kokb08001
rinex: kokb09170

If you submit two RINEX files and they belong to the same station (as in the previous example), you will also get the comparison of the two PPP results (difference of coordinates).