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New, Save, Run… and get real-time clocks in 3 clicks!

September 29th, 2008 by Ricardo PĂ­riz

What is the most exciting way to use magicGNSS? Actually, the easiest one! Inside your magicGNSS account, just click on New to define a new scenario (scenario Name and Start and End dates are provided by default), then click on Save to create the new scenario, and then click on Run to process the data and generate results.

In fact the application selects by default yesterday as Start Date and today as End Date. In this way you get the most recent ODTS estimations possible, for example to monitor the latest behaviour of all GPS satellite clocks, with a latency of just a couple of hours.

Start and End dates are relative to GPS Time, not to the local time of your town! Currently GPS Time is ahead of UTC by just 14 seconds, therefore UTC (or its equivalent Greenwich Mean Time) is a good approximation to GPS Time.